Always drawn to and inspired by the water, designer Hope Reiners began the creation of Culture Swimwear in 2011.  Knowing from the very beginning that she didn’t want it to just be about making beautiful swimsuits; her ultimate desire was to make a positive impact on the world in some way.  As ideas developed, Hope began to work with the Cambodian born organization Keok’jay.  

KeoK`jay is an organization that works to create jobs and benefit women with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia by providing them with equal opportunities and salaries, the ability to learn special skills, giving a sense of purpose. The organization not only works to help these women regain their health and cope better with the illness, but also to provide for and educate their children.  While making a difference to women in need, Keok`jay makes a substantial contribution to protecting the environment.  All of the eco-friendly products are either made from recycled or natural materials as well as non-toxic dying processes.
The 2012 Culture Swimwear collection debuted at LA Fashion Weekend, while being broadcast live on the largest Southern California news station, KTLA 5.  For a style which evokes the strong free spirit and beauty of all women, each piece makes a bold statement with colorful designs, solid cover-ups as well as tribal prints. The collection is made entirely from recycled and vintage fabrics with intricate crocheted details on many of the styles.

With the line Hope wishes to inspire women everywhere to feel beautiful in their own skin.  “It is my hope to not only empower the women we work with in Cambodia, but to educate and empower all the women who wear our suits.” –Hope

To learn more about Keok'jay visit www.keokjay.com