DIY: Sunless Bronzer

Summer may be fading but your sun kissed skin doesn’t have to!  Keep that summer skin bronzed and beautiful with our DIY sunless tanner.  This all natural, organic self tanner will give you a healthy radiant glow.

2 cups water
4-5 hot tea bags (black tea is best)
Spray bottle

*Be sure to start with clean skin

1. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil
2. Add tea bags and let sit for 15 minutes
3. Apply your ‘bronzer’
- Spray Method: pour your mixture into a spray bottle.  Spray liberally on desired areas and allow to dry
- Towel Method: dip the towel into your mixture, rub the tanner on desired areas and allow to dry
4. Continue to add layers depending on the glow you are trying to achieve - the more layers the darker your skin will become

You now have an all natural, organic summertime glow! 

DIY: The Perfect Denim Short

What’s comfortable, cute, and wearable almost anywhere? High-Waisted shorts are the must have bottoms that perfectly top off any outfit. But why spend 100’s of dollars purchasing shorts when you can make them yourself for under $20!

Pick your Pants: Choosing the right pants to work with is key to creating these must have shorts.

a) Guy Jeans: crazy? Not really.  Find a pair of guys jeans at your local thrift shop or second hand store.  Thrift shops are especially good because you can find great designer brand jeans for cheap.
b) Find Your Fit: This step is absolutely crucial! You must make sure these jeans are tight

Coachella Recap

By Katie

Every time a foreign band liltingly professed their love for “Coachel-laaa,” I’d catch myself smiling so intensely I couldn’t stop. Artists even stopped their songs and declared that they got chills from the audience’s energy. Coachella is different from any other concert for the simple fact that it is a gathering of over 80,000 people who are all extremely happy and content to close their eyes and savor whatever music comes their way. What struck me was how easy it was to get to the front of any crowd. People’s eyes were fixed on the artists in front of them, whether swaying to Modest Mouse or jumping up and down to Dog


Meet the newest member of the Culture Swimwear team, ♡MIRANDA♡

Miranda is a native angelino and is enhancing the day to day happenings on all of our social media sites.  Be sure to check out her up and coming blog posts…you’ll love what she has in store!

Miranda’s 5 fave things!

1. My Camera...taking pictures is my favorite! I love capturing and creating memories!

Songs of Summer

It’s that time again…summer is soon approaching and you’re finding the perfect bikini to wear to your favorite music festival. 

It’s hard to say what makes a perfect summer playlist.  Typically, it contains something that immediately brings a smile to your face and a shake to your shoulder.  The perfect summer playlist makes the summer seem longer and adds a little more love to life. 

Take a peek at our picks for the perfect summer playlist…