I once read a quote “the ability to give is the most powerful tool a human can possess.”  This can be translated in so many ways.  The ability to empower, encourage, listen and simply help are all effortless yet meaningful tools we, as humans, can give to one another.  

Creating Culture Swimwear was a long time dream that turned into a reality with in the past year.  I never imagined it would evolve into what it is today.  With no investors and no real plan I started this journey as a huge risk.  However I felt whatever crazy chance I was taking was small compared to dealing with my constant uneasy conscious, knowing I had the ability to help someone else.

To me, as a woman, being comfortable in your own skin and comfortable with who you are, is what makes us such beautiful creatures.  Culture Swimwear has teamed with the beautiful Rachel Faller and Keok’jay to produce our first collection.  Keok’jay has created jobs and resources which give women with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia fair opportunities and wages, enabling them to build up a quality of life for themselves, their families and gain back health, send their children to school and break the cycle of poverty.  

Together we have created these detailed garments in hopes to grown and employ more women, giving them hope for a better future.  We hope you enjoy what we’ve created, and if nothing else we hope we can inspire you to embrace who you are and know you have the ability to help someone else, in any capacity.  


Designer of Culture Swimwear