As winter approaches, so does our pale skin.  These are some sure ways to keep a soft glow throughout winter without looking like Snookie.

1.    Choosing the right foundation. Make sure it still matches your skin color. The best way to find the right shade of foundation is to be matched at the current time of the year. 

2.    Choosing the right bronzer. Finding the right shade of bronzer in the winter is a bit different than choosing one for the summer. Pick a bronzer that is a bit lighter and with a more matte finish rather than lots of shimmer/glitter.

3.    The biggest key is the tool. Brushes are so important because it can truly change the look you’re trying to achieve. The fluffier the brush, the lighter the application is, creating a natural look. The firmer the brush, the darker the application, creating a more dramatic contour. 

4.    Applying accents correctly. For the best results apply the foundation all over your face and neck to create an all-over glow then you can use the bronzer just on certain parts, such as drawing a three. Start with the brush at the center of your forehead, tight along the hairline. Bring the brush down along the hairline, underneath the cheek bone, and along the jaw-line. Drawing a three on the face brings warmth back into your skin and creates a thinner effect.

5.    Blending is key! You don’t want to walk out of the house with stripes on your face. You can use a fluffier brush, with no make up on it, and blend the bronzer in.