19 ways to make the most of your 20’s

1. Log off.
We live in an era of over sharing. Everything from what your semi-friend eats for breakfast that morning to how an ex coworker is battling a horrible cold. Disconnect every once and while, deactivate your Facebook and stop sharing a tweet every 5 minutes. Actually be where you are without having to tell everyone.

2. Travel. If you are in your 20’s and have even a little bit

of money, just take off. Go to Thailand for two weeks and stay at a hostel by the beach. Meet people who are doing the same, you will have more in common with them than anyone you’ll ever meet at Starbucks.

3. Take advantage of your youth. You won’t be this age forever. Accept the drink and compliment from the cute guy at the bar. Say thank you and smile when you get a cat call on the street; in 30 years you will long for the day when a stranger would give you a whistle and a wink as you walk down the street. 

4. Explore your interests and passion; turn that into your career. If you can’t stand sitting at a desk for the foreseeable future, figure out a career that keeps you up and moving.  We are young; no one takes our careers seriously yet anyways so you might as well have some fun while you can.  Have fun before mortgages, car payments, kids, and spouses become major aspects in decision making. Be selfish with your time and energy while you can.

5. Make mistakes. Drink too much and end up somewhere completely ridiculous. The mistakes make the best stories. You can reminisce and laugh about them with your friends when you start drinking fancy wine and have a two-drink limit, woof!

6. Struggle a little bit. Decide that instead of buying groceries for the week you are going out on the town with your friends. Make the memories today; you never know what tomorrow will bring. Plus, a week of Ramen noodles and cereal never killed anybody!

7. Stay up late. Don’t go to bed until the next day. Watch the sunrise from a new place. Walk home from the bars at 3am and look at the stars. Go to an all night diner. You’re probably not a heart surgeon, so you can be a bit tired at work the next day (disclaimer: if you ARE a doctor of any kind, please disregard.)

8. Be spontaneous. Go to Vegas on a whim. Jump in the freezing ocean on a cold February night just because you can. You don’t need to go very far to be spontaneous; kidnap your best friend from work and go to the beach or lake. Are we seeing a theme here, people? Memories; make them!

9. Make people feel good. Don’t go through life looking like a bitch. Smile at people, say hello.  Buy the person behind you in the Starbucks line a coffee, you will feel good and carry that with you all day.  Give the homeless guy a dollar, so what if he is going to use it on booze, you probably would too! Better yet invite him for a beer, the stories you will hear will blow your mind. If you can’t manage a smile, at least don’t go out of your way to make someone’s day worse. Remember, what goes around comes around.

10. Put yourself out there. Meet new people. We aren’t in college anymore and yes meeting new people can be scary but what’s the alternative? You can be a lonely weirdo with no social skills or you can be a person everyone wants to meet after work for drinks. Go on friend dates, do the things you love to do. You will meet people with the same interests actually doing the things that you love.

11. Learn.  College may be over but there are always new skills, ideas and fun facts to be learned.  Remember, it’s easier to take advantage of an uneducated person. 

12. Date, a lot.  You’ll never know what you actually want in a relationship until you find the things you don’t want.  If all else fails, maybe you’ll make a new friend…maybe.   

13. Celebrate Halloween, and attend any and all theme parties.  There will come a day when wearing a bed sheet out will no longer be acceptable behavior.  The only ‘theme’ parties you’ll be invited to past your 20s are baby showers and weddings. 

14. Live with your friends. You get to share closets, late night chats, ice cream cry sessions, and lots of laughs. Living alone is overrated. Surround yourself with your friends as long as you can.

15. Get tattoos.  (this may not be for everyone)  Tattoos not only create memories, they serve as a reminder of where you were at that special point in your life. 

16. Write letters. Write letters to your grandpa, your mom, your best friend. Everything is so digital these days. Actually use the cursive that we so painstakingly had to learn in elementary school to let someone know you are thinking about them. We are so focused on instant communication; AIM, email, Facebook.  Take some time and write something to someone that has meaning, write the letter that gets put in someone’s box of keepsakes. 

17. Spend a holiday with friends.  No family, no pressure.  You can literally do, eat and drink whatever you want, whenever you want. 

18. Fall in love a time or two. It takes a few heartbreaks to appreciate the right person. Give someone your all and make them feel loved and wanted; the worst thing that could happen is it falls apart. Yes, that will suck for about 3 months but (we are going to get a little corny here): “it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” Be so fabulous that people fall in love with you everywhere you go, and fall in love with everyone you can.

19.Dream.  There is absolutely no reason not to. 

Good luck out there.
M & H