Beach Hair 101

In the world of transient trends, there is always room for classic sensuality. One of the sexiest and most universal styles for hair is that tousled, salt water-curled, sun kissed look popularized by stars such as Kate Hudson. Beach hair is always on trend but, as with all classics, there are fresh ways of wearing it each season. This year`s seaside look is amped up by ombre dyes.

Ombre shading is showing up in all the most prominent places. Long, disheveled curls gradually fade from brunette roots to sun kissed ends. This is not a dye job for an amateur colorist. The ombre look feebly achieved gives

the impression of a poorly maintained blonde main that is desperately in need of retouching. It is insufficient to graduate single shades. Chocolate roots are left with flat tone but as the color becomes progressively lighter, there is the need for natural looking highlights. The best method of achieving defined highlights is through balayage, which is a technique in which the color is painted onto the hair. World style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker showed off the look recently, achieved by the god of stylists, David Babaii.

Beach hair is never ironed, but curls need to be restrained. To perfect this look, volume needs to be achieved at the roots with a diffuser and a dash of mousse. While beach hair is intended to create the illusion of having been naturally achieved, the results of a sun and sea treated mane are seldom gained without much artful styling. The ordinary fashionista needs to define her curls using hot tongs with large barrels. This way, even those with tight tendrils will achieve a natural aesthetic that shows off every lock distinctly. Thereafter, the curl is stretched and cooled with the fingers to loosen it. Innovative new hair oils are the ideal texturizers for this style. They add definition and gleam without making the hair overtly oily. Unlike wax, these products exert little control, leaving long hair to fall organically.

The beach look can be given a wilder aesthetic by allowing natural curls to do what they do best. The simple use of a diffuser and a styling spray gives the hair a style with more pizzazz. Lazier trendsetters can take the short cut to beach hair by allowing the locks to dry naturally in a bun. This generates the perfect waves, which can be maintained with a soft hold hair spray. For a more tousled style, rough braids can be used. These methods are perfect for beach babes who like to get their hair wet on the beach. Within a few hours, those sea-watered locks will be flawlessly styled for a night on the town.

Balayage-donning fashionistas need to maintain their artistically perfected ombre, particularly under the harsh conditions of ocean spray and sunshine. During the heat waves of summer, the additional porous condition of the highlighted hair cuticles will distress your smooth texture in tough weather. The harsh UV rays also have the power to give that perfect blond shade an undesirable orange tone. Hue and sheen are easily maintained by wearing leave-in conditioner and a headscarf on the beach. Regular application of a hair mask applied to the ends will moisturize and repair without weighing the hair down.
Ombre balayage can be left to grow out naturally as long as the hair is kept neatly trimmed and in peak condition. An ombre coloring without sheen fails to sparkle, so gloss treatments are a necessity.

Beach hair needn’t be sun kissed. A more sophisticated aesthetic uses solid color. A more seamless, precise dip dye is equally glamorous when balayage is applied using a more intricate technique that tones only small strands of hair. A professional stylist chooses all tones with care, with every highlight adding softness and illumination to your features. Boutiques provide the ultimate collection to turn your beach hair into a potent fashion statement.