Meet Katie! ♡

Meet the newest member of the Culture Swimwear team, ♡KATIE♡

Katie, a Hawaiian native, has joined our team as our social media and blogging expert.  Be sure to check out the latest happenings and Katie’s creativity on all our social media sites!

Katie’s 5 fave things!

1. SUNSHINE - waking up to the sun streaming into my room means a perfect day is ahead!

2. UNDERCOOKED BROWNIES- warm gooey perfection with vanilla ice cream. Mmmm.

3. MGMT's TIME TO PRETEND- one of my all-time favorite songs and bands.

4. FLIP-FLOPS - or slippers as they call them in Hawaii. You'll rarely see me without toe rings and Havaianas.

5. THE OCEAN - I'd live in it if I could. There's nothing comparable to the silence and beauty of floating in the waves, scuba diving 120-feet underwater, or knowing you're about to catch the perfect wave, and then dropping in to ride it.