Meet the newest member of the Culture Swimwear team, ♡MIRANDA♡

Miranda is a native angelino and is enhancing the day to day happenings on all of our social media sites.  Be sure to check out her up and coming blog posts…you’ll love what she has in store!

Miranda’s 5 fave things!

1. My Camera...taking pictures is my favorite! I love capturing and creating memories!

2 Puppies...they're so sweet, and lovable, and the perfect companion for wherever I go!

3 Exercising...I love stand up paddle, playing soccer, jogging, and riding my bike along the california strand!

4 Shopping...I love browsing through clothes, shoes, and accessories whether from boutiques, thrift shops, or stores!

5 Tide Pools...I love everything about the beach whether the sand, the sun, the ocean, but one of my all time favorite things about the beach is climbing over rocks and exploring the tide pools and sea life!