DIY: The Perfect Denim Short

What’s comfortable, cute, and wearable almost anywhere? High-Waisted shorts are the must have bottoms that perfectly top off any outfit. But why spend 100’s of dollars purchasing shorts when you can make them yourself for under $20!

Pick your Pants: Choosing the right pants to work with is key to creating these must have shorts.

a) Guy Jeans: crazy? Not really.  Find a pair of guys jeans at your local thrift shop or second hand store.  Thrift shops are especially good because you can find great designer brand jeans for cheap.
b) Find Your Fit: This step is absolutely crucial! You must make sure these jeans are tight

enough, but loose enough at the same time! The size of your jeans will determine the entire result of your high-waisters.
c) Material: Last but not least, you need to find the perfect denim material!  DO NOT get “jeggings” or stretchy jeans, they will stick to your leg and will not fray. The ideal material would be a thick denim because it will fray nicely and look flattering.  As far as color…we suggest choosing darker denim to give you the option of bleaching.


a) Try on your pair of jeans. 
b) Using a non-permanent marker make marks around your leg depending on how short you want your shorts. 

The Cut:

a) Be sure to find fabric scissors or sharp scissors if you don’t have those. Lay your jeans on a flat surface, and cut one inch below your markings, do this to make sure you don’t cut too short the first time. Try on these shorts and continue cutting material away until you achieve your desired length.
*note: You may want to cuff your shorts, if so, cut 2 inches below your markings.

Accessorize: Your shorts are now ready…but of course you have to have a little fun!

a) Rips n Tears: If you want to go for the distressed look, you should definitely add some rips and tears. Begin with cutting a straight line, horizontally on the shorts. Then lay your shorts onto a hard surface and carefully take a sharp knife and run the blade along the edges of the cut line. If you want, you can even add holes, but more often than not, holes end up growing and ruining your fabulous pair of shorts.
b) Bleach: Bleach your shorts, either the entire short, half of it, a fade in effect, or even bleach in designs, stars, stripes, blotches, etc.
c) Studs: Stud your shorts! There are so many studs out there, whether it be your local craft stores or even online! Assort them scattered or shapes, i.e. crosses, all along pockets.
d) All out: Splatter paint! Sew on patches and buttons! Sparkle your shorts! Be creative but whatever you do, DON’T overdo it!