DIY: Sunless Bronzer

Summer may be fading but your sun kissed skin doesn’t have to!  Keep that summer skin bronzed and beautiful with our DIY sunless tanner.  This all natural, organic self tanner will give you a healthy radiant glow.

2 cups water
4-5 hot tea bags (black tea is best)
Spray bottle

*Be sure to start with clean skin

1. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil
2. Add tea bags and let sit for 15 minutes
3. Apply your ‘bronzer’
- Spray Method: pour your mixture into a spray bottle.  Spray liberally on desired areas and allow to dry
- Towel Method: dip the towel into your mixture, rub the tanner on desired areas and allow to dry
4. Continue to add layers depending on the glow you are trying to achieve - the more layers the darker your skin will become

You now have an all natural, organic summertime glow!