New Muisc - Hannah Alter

Midwest native Hannah Alter quickly became one of our musical favorites. 

Her music is a catchy blend of soul & pop, with an intensity that instantly makes you want to get up and dance. Youthful, but egdy Hannah has her own sound and look described as what she calls “girly dope.” A natural born pop star, Hannah has been singing, performing, and writing original music her entire life. In the short period of time Hannah has lived in Los Angeles, she has released her first single in Europe;

Bandeaus Everyday!!

Blouses, tanks, tees. Us girls love them all, but isn’t it about time we can flaunt what’s underneath our clothes?! No, that doesn’t mean exposing your pink lacey bra or flashing what your mother gave you, but showing off a simple yet stylish crotchet bandeau.

It’s summertime and what better way to carry the ocean and sun with you than a bathing suit. We all have had


I once read a quote “the ability to give is the most powerful tool a human can possess.”  This can be translated in so many ways.  The ability to empower, encourage, listen and simply help are all effortless yet meaningful tools we, as humans, can give to one another.  

Creating Culture Swimwear was a long time dream that turned into a reality with in the past year.  I never imagined it would evolve into what it is today.  With no investors and no real plan I started this journey as a huge risk.  However I felt whatever crazy chance I was taking was small compared to dealing with my constant uneasy conscious, knowing I had the ability to help someone else.