Meet Katie! ♡

Meet the newest member of the Culture Swimwear team, ♡KATIE♡

Katie, a Hawaiian native, has joined our team as our social media and blogging expert.  Be sure to check out the latest happenings and Katie’s creativity on all our social media sites!

Katie’s 5 fave things!

1. SUNSHINE - waking up to the sun streaming into my room means a perfect day is ahead!

Our top picks for Sunless Tanners

Ever since designer, Coco Chanel bucked the pale societal conventions of the 1920s and returned from vacation looking like a bronze goddess, women have longed for flawless, golden skin.

Sunless tanners allow you to look like you just walked off a beach without exposing yourself to the potentially harmful effects of harsh sunlight or tanning bed rays. Get

Beach Hair 101

In the world of transient trends, there is always room for classic sensuality. One of the sexiest and most universal styles for hair is that tousled, salt water-curled, sun kissed look popularized by stars such as Kate Hudson. Beach hair is always on trend but, as with all classics, there are fresh ways of wearing it each season. This year`s seaside look is amped up by ombre dyes.

Ombre shading is showing up in all the most prominent places. Long, disheveled curls gradually fade from brunette roots to sun kissed ends. This is not a dye job for an amateur colorist. The ombre look feebly achieved gives

19 ways to make the most of your 20’s

1. Log off.
We live in an era of over sharing. Everything from what your semi-friend eats for breakfast that morning to how an ex coworker is battling a horrible cold. Disconnect every once and while, deactivate your Facebook and stop sharing a tweet every 5 minutes. Actually be where you are without having to tell everyone.

2. Travel. If you are in your 20’s and have even a little bit


As winter approaches, so does our pale skin.  These are some sure ways to keep a soft glow throughout winter without looking like Snookie.

1.    Choosing the right foundation. Make sure it still matches your skin color. The best way to find the right shade of foundation is to be matched at the current time of the year.